"50 years" ocean drilling in Shanghai first

The South China Sea the old oceanic crust China drilling success the fastest next year new achievements

In December 2018 05, from 10:17: 138479.xyz - Shanghai channel

138479.xyz Shanghai on 5 December, December 4th (Xuan Zhaoqiang), the reporter learned from the Shanghai Municipal Association for science and technology, Tongji University, East China Normal University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University jointly held the 50 annual report and the ocean drilling monograph of the starting ceremony, is the northern South China Sea area in the ocean drilling voyage to succeed, the depth of the drill rod has been more than 5500 meters, to obtain a a number of scientific value of the basalt core. The oldest oceanic crust from the expansion of the South China Sea during the formation of the theory study is precious. The Tongji University research team published systematic research results next year, may subvert the considered universal theory of the formation of the South China sea.

Ocean drilling is by far the deep-sea research field and even in the whole history of earth science research, international cooperation project the largest and longest. From the beginning of 1968, the American boat deep-sea drilling in the Gulf of Mexico for 50 years, the scale and level of ocean drilling has been rising, up to now, in the world's oceans has 3700 wells, coring more than 40 meters, opened up a effective way to explore the deep earth, promote the revolutionary progress of earth science.

1998, approved by the State Council of China officially joined the international ocean drilling program. Twenty years, our country by participating in the plan, made a series of major scientific achievements, in particular, in the South China Sea, deep-sea exploration, Chinese scientists have achieved particularly attracted the attention of domestic and foreign counterparts.

The report of the meeting, Professor Wang Pinxian of Tongji University Chinese academician, Academy of Sciences, East China Normal University Professor Gao Shu, Tongji University Professor Min Jian know Professor Liu Zhifei, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Professor Wang Fengping and other experts, respectively describes the progress since the ocean drilling program in China, in the South China Sea Ocean Drilling Program and ocean drilling relevant information, and communicate on ocean drilling basic research, technology development and application of topic.

Tongji University, academician of Academy of Sciences Professor Wang Pinxian Chinese

Professor Wang Pinxian said: "the mainland liquid water 99% in underground water, organic carbon, dissolved organic carbon 95% is missing. In addition, 95% of the water in the world of darkness, the earth's 84% volume belongs to the human hasn't yet to see the mantle. Ocean drilling is a shortcut to the deep into the earth, further development, we are held in 2020 of scientific plans for the future global ocean drilling in Shanghai (2024-2034) symposium."

According to reports, after four times of ocean drilling, China scientists have obtained a series of new scientific discoveries, the analysis work is currently underway after the voyage, the fastest possible publication of research conclusion in the next year. Wang Pinxian said, the mainstream view causes some of those findings is expected to challenge the international academic circles on the formation of the South China Sea, and to explore the mechanism of evolution of marginal seas new perspective.

In the first report on the "ocean drilling in fifty years" one book, around the theme of ocean drilling development history, organization operation, scientific progress and technological development, the review of the development of ocean drilling from multi direction. The meeting was chaired by Vice President and vice chairman of the Shanghai Association for science and technology Gu Xianglin Tongji University, Tongji University press to the author and the guests presented the "50 years" ocean drilling a book. The teacher, study from the relevant universities, science and technology, science and technology workers association members and science enthusiasts more than 200 people participated in the event.

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